Your Life Insurance Policy Could Be Falling,
Putting Your Family at Risk


Reactive Policy Management

Policy monitoring and management is a manual process with limited benefit for insurance companies and agents. As a result, your life insurance policy may or may not be reviewed regularly or in great detail.

Over time, unmonitored factors such as the cost of insurance, premium timing fluctuations and crediting rate adjustments can cause changes inside your contract, which can lead to …

Premium Modifications

Coverage Length Adjustments

Death Benefits Changes

Liability Concerns

of all life insurance policies have not been reviewed in the past 5 years

of those policies are likely to lapse in the next three to seven years

of in-force non-guaranteed TOLI policies will lapse during the insured’s lifetime



We created PolicyGuard™ to ensure that your life insurance policy is actively managed each year and that you have the information you need to keep your family safe and sound.

The PolicyGuard™ policy management software simplifies the complexities typically associated with on-going policy management by leveraging an intuitive and easy-to-use online platform, giving you better portfolio oversight and control.

Features include but are not limited to…

Document Collection & Storage

PolicyGuard™ tracks policy anniversary dates and automatically requests and stores contract documents each year from your carriers. If requested documents are not received, you will receive a notice.

Proactive Policy Monitoring

PolicyGuard™ simplifies the complexities of tracking policy performance by monitoring five key contract parameters: the current Lapse Age of your policy, the current Death Benefit of your policy, the current annualized Premium for your policy, the current internal Crediting Rate of your policy, and the current Comdex Rating of your policy which is a measurement of the overall financial strength of the carrier.

Status Updates & Alerts

PolicyGuard™ tracks overall policy performance and triggers alerts for lapsing policies and term expirations as well as policies that have potential for conversion, settlement and/or premium financing.

Policy Reports & Recommendations

PolicyGuard™ generates easy-to-understand, one-page reports to provide an aggregated view of policy health plus powerful insights and analytics that help you protect your investment and family’s future.

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